Introducing Django-dress-blog

A pluggable application that provides blog capabilities to your Django project.

Documentation work in progress!


  1. Three different type of posts: Stories, Quotes and Diary Entries.
  2. Choose between either 3 or 4 columns layout format.
  3. Default theme based on twitter-bootstrap.
  4. Create new themes without modifying existing code.
  5. Posts may be in Draft/Public status, and published in the future.
  6. Posts categorized with tags, with django-tagging.
  7. Independent paginated list of Stories, Quotes and Comments.
  8. Comments managed with django-comments-xtd.
  9. Support for inline media with django-inline-media.
  10. Blogroll, Multiple Authors, Search capabilities with django-haystack, and more.

Run the demo project to see django-dress-blog in action.


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